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Hey, I'm Mili

I’m an online business strategist and social media coach for introverted entrepreneurs!

Just before turning 24, I made a 180-degree turn and went from doing a PhD in engineering  to starting my own online business.

Today I teach aligned marketing startegies and help my clients master social media, so they can confidently show up online and get seen as the authority in their niche.

Here's how I can help


If you know you want to be a coach and use social media to build a business, but you're a bit unclear on who you want to help or what you can even offer, join the Magnetic Introvert Academy!

This 12-week 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you start your coaching business and master Instagram, so you can feel confident and clear showing up and attracting your first paid clients!


If you already have your services in order, but you need some help attracting and converting clients on Instagram, the Aligned Client Attractor is the one for you!

This program is designed to help you master Instagram and create you even if you're new to social media, don't know where to even start, or don't have hours to spend on Instagram engaging for the sake of it..


Do you want to know if your profile is magnetising new followers... or repelling potential clients?

Book an Instagram audit to make sure you are following the best practices that will grow your account. We'll also have look at your content and hashtag strategy, as well as how you're getting people off Instagram to make sure you're not leaving money on the table!

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