Hey, I'm Mili

and I’m here to help you share your message with confidence and attract aligned clients into your business using the power of social media (without pushy or salesy tactics).

As a business and social media coach for introverted entrepreneurs, today I get to set my own schedule, work from home and help amazing people build their dream businesses.

My happy ending (or new beginning as I prefer to see it) didn’t come without a challenge or two…

Hey, I'm Mili

engineer to ceo

Just like many millenials after graduation, I felt really lost and confused on what my next steps were. After two years working part time as an engineer, I knew that the engineering office life wasn’t really for me. 

So I went in a completely opposite direction. I started a PhD programme because I could teach students and have a little bit more flexibility. And while I loved helping students understand tricky concepts, I had picked a research area that seemed great on paper, but was completely wrong for me.

Out of fear of disappointing my parents and supervisors (due to my Eastern European upbringing), I sucked it up. Deep inside, I was ready to quit because I knew I was meant for something more.. but I just had no idea exactly what that was.


Until one day I decided that enough was enough

I knew that it was time to take my life in my own hands, because I needed to find out what I was really good at and how I can make this whole online business thing work for me.

So I rolled up my sleeves, saved up and invested in myself.

And in just a few short months, I felt like a completely different person.

My years of side hustling as a fashion blogger, eBay reseller and engineering tutor were finally paying off…

Because I quickly realised that my unique background helped me see the world of social media from a completely different perspective.

And today, I get to share my aligned marketing strategies with my clients because I don’t believe you need to be loud and extroverted, or have an MBA to be successful!

Since starting my own business, I no longer hate Mondays

Today, you're more likely to find me:

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Rapid-fire questions round

What’s your personality type?

I’m an INFP according to Myers-Briggs. For all of you personality quiz junkies (hey!), I’m also enneagram 9, manifesting generator, Taurus with rising Scorpio, and moon in Cancer.

Where do you live?

Manchester, UK – but I am originally from Bulgaria, lived in Edinburgh for 7 years and in Singapore for a year

Relationship status?

In a long-term relationship 

Can you design me a house?

Theoretically – yes! Practically – I’m a little rusty on my strucural engineering knowledge!

Favourite colour?

Red and pink (can you tell?)

Favourite book?

Non-fiction: Zone of Genius by Gay Hendricks & The War of Art by Steven Pressfield

Fiction: any book by Sidney Sheldon

Best place you’ve been to?

Langkawi, Malaysia – the most beautiful beaches out there

Favourite subject in school?

Maths – I was a proper ‘mathlete’ and have the medals (and ugly t-shirts) to prove it!